PVC granules have various applications in the production of plastic products, and can be divided into two categories: hard granules and soft granules, which are used to produce different products. The product which are produced in Gohar Plastic Qom Company, have a large number of domestic and international certifications, and try to cross international standards by improving the quality of their products. The company's products are divided into seven general categories with the title of hose granules for the production of various types of hoses, such as level hoses, injection parts granules, odorless and medical grade granules to make medical equipment which are harmless to humans, PVC granules for shoes with high comfort, durability and flexibility, high quality granules for wires and cables, with the ability to produce smooth cables, hard PVC granules for door and window profiles, and indoor profiles with different colors, and the production of compounds for air blowing in various colors and according to the needs of dear customers. Our products are prepared first in the production unit, by modern machines, and then tested in a quality control laboratory, using new technologies, in terms of the amount of materials required and approved by experienced experts, and then they will be available for customer.

Granular Products

Granules are one of the most common forms of polymeric raw materials; Such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene, etc., and is widely used in major parts of the wire and cable industry, door and window profiles, pipes and fittings, packaging, injection parts and so on.
The granules, at best, have uniform granulation. Easy transport, good ductility and high friction level when producing the product are some of the suitable properties in defining granules.

Hose granules

The PVC granules in our collection require a lower temperature to form, and are very versatile and suitable for the production of various types of hoses.

Granules for injection parts

Granules for injection parts are also used to produce relatively high percentages of plastic materials at an affordable price.

Granules of non-toxic and hygienic

Non-toxic granules or medical grade, made for use in medical devices, and its material is the best PVC resins.

Shoe granule

PVC, due to its good strength, is a good choice for shoe soles, and is much softer and more durable than traditional soles.

Wire and cable granules

Cable granules in this complex have a higher quality than the current world standards, and are produced in the form of insulation, fillers and coatings for all types of cables.

Hard PVC granules

Hard granules are used in the manufacture of door and window profiles, power ducts, etc., which have various colors.

Airblowing special compounds

In our company, these types of compounds, which are used in the shoe industry, are produced according to your wishes, dear customers.

Order registration


Gohar Plastic Qom Company, has provided the possibility of registering an online order on its site for the convenience of its customers, and you can place your order anywhere in the world, after studying different parts of the site and knowing the products, with just a few clicks. Also, loved customers who do not want to register their order online for any reason, can register their desired order by visiting the company's activities catalog in person.

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