To provide optimal services, Gohar Plastic Qom company is consisted of different units and working these units together to achieve the company's goals, such as continuous development and improving the quality of products, has led to the production of quality products in accordance with the needs of the community, and has been able to gain the trust of a wide range of customers. Company units consisting of laboratory unit, production unit, quality control unit and business unit, always strive for superior quality.


Laboratory unit

The laboratory unit is created to examine the purity and quality level of the raw materials for the production of granules -Which is the same as plastic waste - and in laboratory, the amount of use of each material to produce products is measured and determined in accordance with the policies by the expert force and using new laboratory tools and equipment.

Production unit


Undoubtedly, one of the most important units of any complex is its production unit; because the process of making the desired products takes place in it. In our company production unit, products are manufactured in accordance with the standards, using modern industrial machinery and technical and scientific knowledge of the specialists of this unit.

Quality control unit

A quality control unit or quality control laboratory is established to ensure the production of goods in accordance with the desired standards. In this unit, the quality is checked and generalized to the whole by performing an operation on a product such as sampling, testing and measurement and the degree of compliance of that sample with the desired criteria and technical specifications.

Business unit (commercial unit)


The business unit of the company is the beating heart for the economic activities of the company and is obliged to pave the way for the development and growth of the company, with the correct knowledge of the influential factors, by formulating proposals and identifying desirable opportunities, to provide the ground for concluding appropriate and profitable employment contracts for the parties.

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